Technical Data for Bridge Expansion Joints

Reinforced Elastomeric Expansion Joints

When designing the Assaflex RE, the issue of weight of the units and handling the units has been the foremost issue, hence the modules are produced in 1m lengths, with the exception of RE361 which is 1250mm in length. Another feature is the Number of fixings which is.5 per side of each module, in total 10 fixings per module.

Design Features

Assaflex Expansion Joints come in eight standard types;

All are designed to DIN standards.
(RE Type – 280-440)

In this type of design, the module is reinforced in three areas utilising a  Single Upper Steel Frame




TypeRE Max Movement A B C D E F G L Studdia ModuleWeight
280 45 280 200 40 42 200 100 200 1000 14mm 28kg
360 65 360 280 60 46 200 100 200 1000 16mm 35kg
361 65 360 280 60 46 200 125 250 1250 16mm 41kg
440 80 440 340 70 52 200 100 200 1000 18mm 41kg

(RE: Type -580-1100)

In this design the module is reinforced in five areas and movements are distributed in four points utilising a Double Upper Steel.





TypeRE Max Movement A B C D E F G L Studdia ModuleWeight
580 100 580 450 80 55 250 100 200 1000 18mm 125kg
750 165 750 600 120 75 250 100 200 1000 20mm 150kg
900 220 900 740 150 92 250 100 200 1000 24mm 175kg
1100 320 1100 940 200 110 250 100 200 1000 30mm 200kg


As well as the products listed in the above chart, we are able to manufacture customer specific designs to meet the exact needs of our clients.




Damp Barrier & Drainage Membrane

Bedding Strip

Anchor Bolts & chemical bonding

Damp Barrier & Drainage
Assaflex have reduced the component count and simplified installation by combining drainage and the damp barrier in one innovative product.
This takes the form of a 2mm thick membrane. This sits immediately below the expansion joint preventing the passage of moisture and forms a drainage channel.Effective length of the membrane sections are all 1m plus an overlap allowance, except RE361 which is 1250mm plus the overlap allowance.
Width of this membrane varies according to the module type.
For example:

RE280 400mm

RE360 & 361 480mm

RE440 560mm

RE580 700mm

The Damp Barrier & Drainage membrane can be used with RE & EMR products.

Bedding Strip

A key issue when installing Expansion Joints or placement of Neoprene bearings is the unevenness of the concrete bedding / deck.
This is normally dealt with by using grout and involves time and labour cost.

Our parent company  Assamrof have introduced a cost effective rubber membrane that is a reinforced elastomeric layer. Tough, yet flexible enough to follow the concrete contour, hence forming one single unit and removing the need for grout.
By employing this bedding strip technology, a single team is able to carry out the installation in one cycle with a resultant  increase in productivity. The client saves time and money.
The thickness of each bedding strip is 10mm. The number of bedding strips employed is determined by the concrete surface. Most applications require no more than 5 layers - 50mm.The bedding strip is used with RE & EMR expansion joint products.

The bedding strip can be used instead of grout under bearing pads.

Anchor Bolts and resin based chemical
All fixing items are manufactured to EN 20898 – Ck 8.8 Galvanized
Anchor bolts are fixed to the concrete using adhesive resin. On completion of the installation the ordinary bolts are removed and secure bolts are used as a permanent feature of the modules.
Expansion joint bolts used

M16, M18, M20, M24, M30


To complete the installation, a Polymer based mastic is used to form a seal between the modules and the tarmac.
The following table shows the specifications that ASSAFLEX RE expansion joints are produced to.



Test Method


Test Result
1 Hardness ASTM D/2240 Shore A
2 Tensile
ASTMD/412 PSI-min 1900
3 Elongation
at Break
ASTM D/412 % 390
4 Tear
ASTM D/624 1 b/in 100
5 Abrasion DIN 53516 mm3 120
5 Compression
Set @ 24hr
ASTM /D/395 % 25
6 Brittleness ASTM D/2137 - Durable
7 Specific
- Gr/cm3 1.35
8 Ozone
ASTM D/1171 After 72hrs
@ at 40 deg C Exposure to 50 PPHM in Air sample 20% strain
No cracks
9 Heath
Up to 100
deg C
- Result good
to Excellent
10 Resistance
to Oil based chemicals such as petrol & diesel
- - Result good
to Excellent

Specification for Bolts and Nuts:

All fixings items are manufactured to: EN 20898 – CL 8.8 Zinc Plated


The expansion joint modules are mechanically fixed by use of bolts adhesively anchored to the bridge deck or the abutments allowing the horizontal stresses to be transmitted through friction between expansion joint and the concrete.

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