In line with the company’s aspiration to manage & manufacture in compliance with internationally approved specifications and recognised bodies we have taken number of steps including registration with the British highways agency and applied and received  CE marking and ISO Certification.

CE Marking, ISO Certification & SCC Certification:

Assamrof, the parent Company, have received “CE Marking and ISO Certification”

ISO 9001:2008 Certification

CE Certification

SCC Certification

The parent company to AssaFlex UK operates under BS EN ISO 9001:2008, and the management system is regularly audited

ISO 9001:2008, places more emphasis on customer feedback and the processes of management. 

The British High Way agency

This company has submitted documents and requested an accreditation of the Expansion Joints RE items manufactured under the specification, procedure and supervision of this company.We have been asked to begin process of installation while the technical documents are being studied.The overall process of an accreditation from start to finish may take about three years.