Quality Control

Quality Control:

The foundations for excellent quality products where laid down from day one. At AssaFlex we have an in-house laboratory, with staff testing every item manufactured. We have a rigid quality control system to ensure that our clients receive perfect products.Bridge

Bearings are important elements of structures, such as bridges and viaducts, ensuring that they operate correctly. The durability of the structure depends on their quality, as they are in a constant state of use.

The life expectancy of bearings is the result both of their intrinsic qualities and of the care taken over
The quality of these products depends on expertise in the manufacturing process. Quality Assurance provisions should enable you the client to:

  • Convey the quality required in terms of manufacturing methods
  • Obtain the quality required
  • Check that it has achieved the quality required
  • Justify subsequently that it has been reached and checked.
  • AssaFlex products are checked independently at certain intervals such as Esfahan’s Polytechnics or other reputable laboratories.

CE Marking

Quality control procedures will be implemented in the factory such as:

  • Tests on samples taken in the factory in accordance with a prescribed test programme.
  • Inspection of the ecstatic of the products

CE marking will be then placed on the products.
The last stage before leaving the factory is vacuum packed on palletized items.

The Company is registered ISO 9001-2015.

Quality & Care

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