Bridge expansion Joint installation

At AssaFlex, we have a wide range of expertise in the installation of Bridge expansion joints. Our high performing solutions are the culmination of decades in the industry, working across a variety of specification for new and refurbishment projects.

Expansion joints have a few functions in their application, however fundamentally they act as the load-carrying link between an abutment and a deck.

Creeps and shrinkage of concrete, temperature fluctuation and movement caused by external forces such as vehicular traffic, happen naturally, and are structurally maintained through the application of expansion joints. Each installation requires careful considered based on situation and movement requirements of the given bridge structure.

Expansion joints can be made from a variety of materials which will follow the specifications provided by the structural engineer and will be installed based on the information provided by the client.

Positioning of the joint, as well as the bedding that provides the connection between the expansion joint and concrete subbase, will also be determined based on the manufacturer’s instructions.

An approved sequence of work by Highway authorities for installation of an Elastomeric Expansion joint is available at

Equally critical to the correct installation of expansion joints, is the materials used and aftercare – this can significantly extend and improve long-term quality and life expectancy by minimising the effects of water ingress and concrete spalling.


At AssaFlex, we take the utmost care when considering the safety and durability of our products and ensure longevity and quality craftsmanship.