Elastomeric Bridge Expansion Joint

AssaFlex RE is a durable and versatile expansion joint system with unique properties such as puncture resistance, flexible and waterproof with 8 No standard models designed to accommodate movements of up to 150mm.The combined compound of RSS1, standard PBR with inner steel sheets, forms a formidable membrane with plenty of flexibility to withstand plenty of pressure and movement. The steel is shut blasted and laser cut to form high quality steel components for bonding and installation.


AssaFlex Expansion Joint comes in nine different types; AssaFlex 280 - AssaFlex 1100. The membrane is produced in a variety of widths and lengths to suit different types of joints. In some cases the length of the membrane can be changed to the requirements of the client, depending on circumstances


N0 Property Test Method Unit Test Result
1 Hardness ASTM D2240 Shore A 60 ± 5
2 Tensile Strength ASTMD412-06a Mpa >16
3 Elongation at Break ASTM D412-06a % >350
4 Tear Resistance ASTM D624 Kgr/cm >10
5 Abrasion ASTM D2228 Mm3 >165
6 G Modulus ASTM D4014 N/mm2 0/9±%15
7 Compression Set ASTM D395-03 Method B % <27
70®C, 70h, 24%
8 Bonding Test ASTM D429B N/mm >6
9 Ozone Test ATM D1149-99 Visual No cracks
70h, 38oC,
50 pphm,
20% Elongation
Heat Aging Results with the following conditions (70h, 100o
10 Elongation at Break ASTM D573-04 % ≤20
Mean Variation
Tensile Strength ASTM D573-04 % ≤20
Mean Variation
Specification for Bolts and Nuts
Steel shall conform to: ASTM 240 Type 204 with 2B finish
Anchor Bolts are manufactured to: EN 20898 – CL 8.8 Zinc Plated

Quality & Care

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