Bridge bearing pad installation

At AssaFlex, we have a wide range of expertise in the installation of Bearing Pads. Our high performing solutions are the culmination of decades in the industry, working across a variety of specification for new and refurbishment projects.

For the controlled transfer of force between a structure’s superstructure and its substructure, different types of bearing pads can be used, such as Elastomeric Bearing pads and Pot bearing , to isolate and nullify vibrations.

Facilitating natural movement while distributing loads to the substructure, Elastomeric Bearing pads are an integral component to the flexibility of a bridge, as well as helping to maintain the integrity of the structure itself.

Our process for the instillation of any type of bearing pad includes working closely with the client’s structural engineer on tailored specifications, to ensure accurate application.

To form the bearing pad housing, seating for the pads is formed from grout. The size of the pads, including the height, will be advised by the client, and formed on the bearing shelf.

Using adhesive before placing the bearing pads, as well as forming grout pads above the bearing pads themselves, are sometimes preferred methods, and are elements that should be specified beforehand by the client.


Below is a simple but informative diagram of the application of elements.