Bridge Expansion Joints

In 1964 an American Company invented the first generation of combined Steel and Rubber to form the first generation of Bridge Expansion Joints and called it Trans Flex.· Since, around the world companies have made similar EJ to make life easier for driver.

Although ASSFLEX’s products are similar to other producers but we have tried to manufacture our products with every ones comfort and safety in mind, driver, client and the installer.

Our business is to design, formulate, manufacture and supply Bridge expansion joints, with an installation arm over the last few years.

The company was established in 2003 with a view to help and provide joints that allows a smooth transition between the two sections of a deck or abutment and a deck on a bridge.

Bridge·Expansion joints are designed in the following types:Bridge expansion joints

1. Elastomeric, a combination of steel and rubber – ASSA Flex Joints

2. Steel,· Sliding Finger – Poolad

3. Steel & Rubber, Sliding Finger

Our products have been designed to ASTMD 412, ASTMD 2240, BS 5400, DIN…….., standards

Reinforced Elastomeric Expansion Joints – RE

Reinforced elastomeric Bridge expansion joints manufactured in eight type covering joints of between 40mm t0 200mm and movements’ of45 to 320mm. ASSAFLEX RE is formed form high quality steel and number of compound namely RSS1, NBR, SMR, etc.· The combined mixture will go through vulcanisation process to form a formidable membrane with plenty of flexibility to withstand various pressure and movements including vertical.

Each module of ASSAFLEX is 1m long, making it easier to work with one exception RE361 which is 1250mm.

Modules have tongue & grove interlock system

Steel Sliding Finger - Poolad

This type joints is build to order. It is formed from steel plates cut to form sliding fingers.

Sliding Finger - EMR

Elastomeric with metal runners expansion joints, manufactured in four types covering between 30 to 170mm of joints and movements of 10 to 180mm.