Unlike our competitors we have designed, formulated and manufactured a 2mm thick, one single item to deal with sealing the module from water and humidity whilst forming the drainage.

Lengths of the membranes are all 1m plus overlapping section, except RE361 which is 1250mm plus the overlapping.

Width of this membrane varies according to the type of the modules. For example:

RE280                                 400mm

RE360 & 361                     480mm

RE440                                 560mm

RE580                                 700mm

Bedding strip can be used with RE & EMR products.

Bedding Strip

A persisting problem when it comes to installation of Expansion Joints or placing of Neoprene is the unevenness of the concrete bedding / deck.

This problem which is usually part and parcel of the installation is dealt with by using grout.  Apart from the additional costs, it is the loss of time that the contractor has to tolerate during the installation process.

At AssaFlexUK we have introduced a cost effective rubber membrane that is a reinforced elastomeric layer, yet flexible enough to follow the concrete contour, hence forming one single unit and removing the need for grout.

By using bedding strip, the client saves money and time, allowing one team to carry out the installation in one cycle therefore increasing productivity.

Thickness of the bedding strip is 10mm.  Depending on the concrete surface number of layers are determined.  The thickness usually is not more than 5 layers; 50mm.

Bedding strip can be used with RE & EMR products.

damp barrier 2



Click here to download Bedding Strip data sheets


Anchor Bolts and resin based chemical

All fixings items are manufactured to EN 20898 – CL 8.8 Zinc plated

Anchor bolts are fixed to the concrete using resin chemical.  On completion of installation the ordinary bolts are removed and secure bolts are used as a permanent feature of the modules.

Following bolts are being used on installation of expansion joints

  • M16
  • M18
  • M20


Polymer based mastic being used on completion of the installation between the modules and the tarmac.