AssaFlex Strip Seal series 500

Current details developed on the basis of a study carried out on effect of railing system with different types of steel profiles and their behaviour under different types of loads. The result is five types of proprietary steel railing with different profiles to cover various movements and to provide high quality and effective anchorage with reinforcement cast into own AssaFlex designed ARM resin mortar with Neoprene sealing component. This system will be able to carry sufficient load and movements and ensure long performance.
AssaFlex Strip Seal series 500 system is a distinctive and excellent joint system that can be used in the new and refurbishment expansion joints projects for bridges, viaduct and car parks.

Design Features

Rail Profiles

AssaFlex rail profiles are one-piece construction, manufactured using innovative hot rolled/non-machined and hot rolled/machined technology. All proprietary steel rails are available in ASTM A36 or ASTM A588 steel grades.
Series 500 provides 5 configuration of hot rolled steel, grade A588 / ASTM. This system can be produced to CE standards if required.

Strip seal 1


Strip seal 2


The neoprene membrane is housed into the heads of the steel railing, providing adequate movements and sealing the system from rain, dust or unrelated object.
Neoprene sealing elements have been designed considering maximum longitudinal and transverse movements to the system.

Proprietary steel railing and corresponding Neoprene

Strip seal

Dimensions are in mm

The preferred range of joint opening dimensions for sealing component varies according to the type of Neoprene. Ideal joint opening for type L is 58mm and for type H is 86mm.
If there is a requirement for splicing the neoprene such as upturn, this can be carried out in our factory.


Connections of the reinforcements are by nuts and bolts and the length of reinforcement bars varies according to the type of steel profiles.
Typical reinforcement spacing are 150mm, although due to the nature of the design this could easily be adjusted to suite the individual projects.

ARM Elastomeric concrete;

Steel profile and the reinforcement are bonded between highly strong Assa Resin Mortars (ARM Resin) which is a two part polyurethane-based elastomeric fusion.
ARM will bond to a variety of surfaces including steel and concrete.

Strip seal 4

A simple joint forms a watertight upturn system into the concrete footpath.
The angle for upturn can varies to suit your design or the barrier details. The section will be welded together in the required direction to form the final shape and angle.


Damp Barrier & Drainage

AssaFlex have reduced the component count and simplified installation by combining drainage and the damp barrier in one innovative product. This takes the form of a 2mm thick membrane that is tough, strong and resilient.
This Reinforced Rubber membrane formed from elastomer, fabric and other additives and sits immediately below the expansion joint preventing the passage of moisture and forms a drainage channel.