Bridge Components

  1. Expansion Joints

  2. Bearing Pads

Physical and mechanical properties of Elastomer

Products; Expansion Joints & Bearing Pads


Properties comparison with the most used Specifications

Expansion Joints

AssaFlex provides 4 type of expansion joints covering various movements  for use in different  types of structures.


  • Reinforced Elastomeric Expansion joints-RE

Reinforced elastomeric expansion joints manufactured in eight type covering joints of between 40mm t0 200mm and movements of45 to 320mm. ASSAFLEX REis formed of shut blasted laser cut steel; to form a high quality steel for bonding with number of compound namely RSS1, NBR, SMR, etc.• This combined mixture will go through vulcanisation to form a formidable membrane with plenty of flexibility to withstand various pressure and movements including vertical.
Each module of ASSAFLEX is 1m long, making it easier to work with one exception RE361 which is 1250mm.
Modules have tongue & grove interlock system

  • Sliding Finger - EMR

Elastomeric with metal runners expansion joints, manufactured in four types covering between 30 to 170mm of joints and movements of 10 to 180mm.

  • Strip Seal series 500

Strip seal series 500, rail profiles are one-piece construction, manufactured using innovative hot rolled/non-machined and hot rolled/machined technology. All proprietary steel rails are available in ASTM A36 or ASTM A588 steel grades.
The neoprene membrane is housed into the heads of the steel railing, providing adequate movements and sealing the system from rain, dust or unrelated object.
Neoprene sealing elements have been designed considering maximum longitudinal and transverse movements to the system

  • Compression seal Joints

A multi cell membrane designed for small movements installed into epoxy applied to joint face.
This membrane is very similar to AssaFlex SJ with the difference being in acceptance of smaller movements

Bearing Pads

AssaFlex Bearing Pads are designed for use in Bridges and other structures such as Buildings as a vertical load bearing component. They are manufactured from high quality materials with number of layers of steel plates depending on the type of bearings highly strong and extremely resistance to weathering, ageing with almost no influence from UV radiation and Ozone.• Sheets of high strength steel are capsulated by Elastomer either NR or CR type.


  1. Non-reinforced elastomeric bearing pads
  2. Reinforced bearing pads
  3. Restrained bearing pads
  4. Pot bearing
  5. Spherical and cylindrical PTFE bearings


In an earthquake the energy resulting from the forces will be transmitted by the ground to the structure and the damage will be directed to the piers.• Hence to reduce these forces a complex design becomes imperative.
We design bearings for building and bridge depending on your requirements to protect your structure against earthquake.

  • Damp Barrier & drainage

Unlike our competitors we have designed and manufactured one single item to deal with sealing the module from water and humidity whilst forming the drainage.

  • Bedding Strip

We have resolved the problem of unevenness from the concrete deck under the expansion joint